Global Network of Experienced Decommissioning and Well Abandonment Specialists

The decommissioning and well abandonment specialists in our network are highly experienced professionals who have worked with us for many years. We engage the right people for the right work, creating bespoke project teams using our core staff and specialists to fit project and client requirements. 

In addition to our core team, we have an extensive global network of specialists. This is a highly experienced group of people who have been working with us for many years, being utilized on a case by case basis based on client and project requirements. The setup with a relatively small team and a large pool of specialist consultants allows us creating bespoke project teams fulfilling project and client requirements. Further, it allows us to undertake a wide range of project types; from smaller studies, to large-scale full decommissioning evaluations involving numerous stakeholders with multi-year duration.


Example 1: Project Controls, Cost and Planning Specialist (30 Years' Experience)

Cost, Planning and Estimating Engineer with 30+ years’ experience within the Oil & Gas Industry, directly involved in all Project phases from Appraisal to Execution for Onshore Fabrication, Brownfield Modifications, Greenfield Platform and Subsea Developments and all facets of Decommissioning from ARO management to Project Decommissioning. Experienced in the developing of Procedures for all aspects of Project Services Discipline, Development of Work Breakdown Structures, Cost Estimates, Cost Control Reports and Detailed Planning Schedules, ongoing Maintaining and Monitoring of these reports and Identifying Projects key constraints potential risk issues. Continue to be involved in the Detail of the Projects I support, from the day to day upkeep of Plans and Cost Reports to regular updating of progress Dashboards and reports, bar charts, histograms and S curves. Developing Project Cost-Planning Risk Analysis Reports using Pertmaster and through team engagement Workshops to improving the understanding of the Project dimensions, Critical activity understanding and effects of potential Opportunities and Risks. Involved in a wide range of industry projects including Brent Redevelopment, Brent Spar Abandonment, and a number of greenfield development Projects. Gained a comprehensive understanding of Oil & Gas Decommissioning activities, from Asset Retiral Obligations (ARO) to Initiation of Decommissioning Programme through to completed Decommissioning Projects and have developed a detailed knowledge of Cost and Schedule Risks involved in Decommissioning Projects.


Example 2: Specialist Consultant, Salvage & Offshore Removal (35 Years Experience)


Involved as salvage master in many high-profile and interesting salvage operations around the world dealt with many cases where political, environmental and public pressure were intense. Oil-rig responses include the recovery of multiple rigs around the world. The offshore activities have included installing 7 pipelines, CBM’s/ SBM's and deepwater Mooring Installations, as well as serving Deputy OIM on Semi-Sub oil-rigs.


Example 3: Senior Pipeline Decommissioning Engineer (26 Years Experience)

Highly experienced professional with excellent understanding of subsea and oilfield operations based on experiences of leading teams from conceptual engineering, through design and construction management to production operations and integrity management. Having started working as a civil engineer in South Africa, then moved to the UK in 1996 gaining experience in the oil industry working both onshore and offshore. During this time gained valuable experience with contractors, consultants and operators, both in technical and commercial situations. Having worked in the UK, West Africa, Middle East and South Africa, developed an understanding of the technical and commercial issues affecting both the North Sea and global environments. 


Example 4: Senior Subsea Engineer (25 Years Experience)

Chartered Engineer with over 25 years in the offshore industry developing a broad range and depth of experience in SURF project delivery, engineering management and decommissioning consultancy across a number of oil and gas regions. Involved in engineering, construction and decommissioning of subsea facilities in the UK, Norway, Japan, Netherlands, Ireland and South Africa.  


Example 5: Risk Specialist (13 Years Experience)

Chemical Engineer with a Master’s Degree in Safety, Risk and Reliability Engineering and an enterprise risk management, process safety and project risk assessment specialist with over 13 years’ experience that stretches across the oil and gas business value chain. Key skills include: Enterprise Risk Management, Strategic Risk Assessment, Project Risk Assessment, Monte Carlo Simulation, Implementation of Risk Management Systems, Hazard identification,  Frequency Analysis, Consequence Assessment, Quantitative Risk Assessment, ALARP Assessment and Process Safety Management Systems, Risk Workshop (e.g. HAZID) Facilitator and technical report writer.