Core Team of Decommissioning and Well Abandonment Specialists

Our core team consists of highly experienced personnel with complementary skill sets, covering the multi-discipline, complex challenges within decommissioning. The core team has over 90 years' decommissioning and/or well abandonment experience.


Dr Brian G Twomey, Principal Consultant & Managing Director

Dr Brian G Twomey, Principal Consultant & Managing Director, is responsible for decommissioning and abandonment operations planning, decommissioning engineering, peer review work and cost analysis. He has worked on oil & gas decommissioning and pipeline issues for over 33 years and has carried out decommissioning studies/work on over 700 offshore installations worldwide. He has worked on decommissioning in Africa, Australia, SE Asia, South America, Canada, Greece, Mexico, Norway, Ireland, UK and USA. Dr Twomey has presented over 100 papers on decommissioning and has given numerous public and private training courses on all aspects of decommissioning.

Mobile: +44 (0) 7831 355 837

Mail: bgt (at) 

Skype: brian_atmosi 


Steve Coombs, Principal Consultant & Operations Director

Steven Coombs, Principal Consultant and Operations Director, is a degreed Petroleum Engineer with 37 years of experience in a wide range of petroleum engineering disciplines, including reservoir, production, drilling, operations planning and execution, cost estimating, and project management.  Steve has broad experience working for E&P companies. Steve has considerable experience working on decommissioning planning and cost estimating in general and is a specialist in well P&A.  Steve has been involved in decommissioning engineering and planning on projects in all major regions of the world involving 100¹s of platforms and wells along with associated facilities (including on-shore infrastructure and facilities such as refineries, LNG plants, etc). Steve has considerable experience in developing probabilistic (Monte Carlo) models for both cost estimating and oil and gas projects in general.

Mobile: +18059477819

Mail: sfc (at) 

Skype: sfcnsb



Jessica Courtoreille, HSE Manager

Jessica Courtoreille, HSE Manager, has a wide ranging experience in development, operational and decommissioning in the oil and gas, transport and mineral extraction industries. A key skill in all of these has been communication and interaction with a variety of people and the development of trust relationships with Regulatory bodies and key stakeholders to facilitate the achievement of company requirements.

Mobile: +27 83 253 6614

Mail: jc (at)

Skype: jessica.courtoreille