Strategic Planning for Decommissioning and Well Abandonment

RESL offers strategic advise for planning of decommissioning and well abandonment operations for operators, partners, regulators and government authorities. Development of a solid decommissioning strategy is key to mitigate risk and achieve cost minimizing solutions in full compliance with law and regulations.

Planning for Decommissioning involves myriad aspects of business management – tax, human resources, risk management, engineering, procurement, operations among many. Meanwhile understanding how to quantify, manage and minimize current and future decommissioning liabilities can have a huge impact on company profitability and financial planning.

RESL routinely assist operators with getting to grips with this complex and significant risk to business performance. Our experience and understanding of the issues and their interactions brings invaluable insight to strategic business planning, minimizing risk and generating action plans for dealing with the specific challenges posed by particular circumstances.