Market Entry Assistance

RESL supports clients globally entering markets taking into account decommissioning and well abandonment. For petroleum companies it is vital to understand decommissioning and well abandonment law & regulation, costs and liabilities if acquiring assets or entering new regions. For service companies, we offer market studies and market space positioning advise based on our deep global understanding of decommissioning and well abandonment markets - onshore, offshore, subsea and subsurface.

Entering the decommissioning market and developing specific products and services can be a process fraught with risk and uncertainty. RESL’s intimate knowledge of the decommissioning market across the globe provides unprecedented value when assessing how to manage entry challenges and when to make technology, resource and asset investment.Building a product/service specific view of the opportunities, the competitors and the target clients’ behavior, we critically inform the process of developing an entry plan and targeting sales activity. This maximizes the value of finance committed and ensures threats are identified, defined and combated.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about market entry assistance, either from an operator, partner, service company or investor perspective. We are here to help you avoid costly mistakes made in the past, to help you understand the complexity and reduce costs of decommissioning and well abandonment.