Monitor & Evaluate

RESL offers clients support, lessons learned and recommended best practice for decommissioning and well abandonment post execution of projects to decommissioning stakeholders (operators, partners, regulators, service companies, environmental groups etc). RESL offers the following services within the Monitor & Evaluate stage, covering facilities, pipelines and wells – onshore, offshore and subsea: 

  • Lessons learned from decommissioning and well abandonment execution
  • Best practice decommissioning derived from historical projects
  • Recommended risk mitigating actions 
  • Post decommissioning and well abandonment survey planning
  • Client representative during decommissioning project monitoring
  • Liability management


Please contact us if you would like to learn more about the Monitor & Evaluate stage for your decommissioning project or if you are interested in learning about monitoring and evaluating decommissioning projects in your region and/or company.