Development of Decommissioning and Well Abandonment Strategy for PetroSA and Proposed Well Abandonment Guidelines for South Africa 

Development of decommissioning and well abandonment strategy for the National Oil Company in South Africa, PetroSA. The work included evaluation of PetroSA's entire oil & gas offshore and onshore asset portfolio including 8 producing fields and 287 wells. The work included developing new proposed well abandonment guidelines for South Africa.

Reverse Engineering Services Ltd (RESL) performed a 5-year strategic decommissioning and well abandonment project for the National Oil Company in South Africa, PetroSA, in the 2012-2016 period. The project workscope spanned across offshore facilities, subsea, wells, pipelines and onshore facilities. The strategic decommissioning and well abandonment study for PetroSA was performed by RESL as sole work. The work spanned across Legal & Regulatory Framework and Identify & Appraise Opportunity project stages.

As part of the scope of work, RESL developed 8 different Best Practical Environmental Option Assessments (BPEOA) and AACE Class 4 cost estimates for 1 large onshore faculties (Oil, Gas and LNG), 1 large platform, 1 Semisub with complex subsea gathering systems and drill centres, 8 subsea tieback systems, 28 infield pipelines, 2 trunklines and 287 subsea well abandonments (well P&A).

The project involved a broad type of work, including:

  • Strategic and Tactical Planning
  • Legal, Policy and Regulatory Compliance
  • Data Gathering and Gap Analysis
  • Engineering and Decommissioning Planning
  • Cost Estimation, Benchmarking and Optimization
  • Technical and Cost Assurance
  • Environmental
  • Risk Analysis
  • HSE
  • Local Content
  • Accountancy, Tax and M&A Advice
  • Education and Capability Development 

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