Iwaki Decommissioning Operations Peer Review & Engineering

RESL performs decommissioning training, operations peer review and engineering for the Iwaki platform in Japan for Iwaki Petroleum Company Ltd (INPEX subsidiary), Exxon Mobil Inc., JNOC & Nippon Steel Engineering from 2001 to 2010.

The Iwaki platform was a large 20,000 mt fixed steel platform located in deep water North East of Japan. RESL was involved in various work over multiple years covering:

(a) Training (2001-2002)
RESL wrote a series of three training books for "Decommissioning Research Project" and gave a decommissioning training course in Tokyo:
  • Book 1: Political, Environmental & Regulatory Policies, Issues, Influences & Repercussions
  • Book 2: Review Of Facility Types, Present & Future Decommissioning Technologies, Cost Estimates
  • Book 3: Subsea Equipment & Pipeline Review, Technologies &Decommissioning Cost Estimation Methodology
(b) Review and Gathering of Decommissioning Cost Data (2003)
(c) Technical Review North West Hutton Decommissioning (2009)
  • Capturing lessons learned from the NW Hutton decommissioning project (largest offshore platform removed to date) and applying the lessons to the upcoming Iwaki project.
(d) Peer Review of Proposed Iwaki Decommissioning Methodology (2009) 
The scope of work included a peer review of the following work packages plannedas part of the Iwaki decommissioning:
  • Proposed method to remove topside facilities and MSF
  • Proposed methods to cut jacket at approximately EL-92.5m
  • Proposed method to lift and topple jacket adjacent to original location
  • Proposed method to transport and dispose of topside facilities and MSF
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