Decommissioning Planning, Engineering & Cost Estimation Services for Platforms Elly, Ellen & Eureka Facilities

RESL has over a long period of time provided decommissioning planning, engineering & cost estimation services for Beta Offshore Inc. and Pacific Energy Inc. for the Beta field in California, USA.

Beta is an offshore field located offshore California and was developed by fixed steel platforms Elly, Ellen & Eureka. RESL's scope of work included a decommissioning assessment of Beta Field with offshore facilities, pipelines, wells and onshore facilities, providing engineering, marine operations planning, application of new technologies (reusable buoyancy for Eureka jacket), strategic consultancy and AACE class 5 cost estimates assist in managing the Escrow and FAS 143 accounting. The work covered 3 offshore platforms, 2 pipelines, 66 oil wells, 2 gas wells and onshore receiving facilities and storage. 


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